7 Ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2020

With many Covid-19 restrictions still in place, Father’s Day will undoubtedly be a little bit different this year.

By Vanessa Vallon


With many Covid-19 restrictions still in place, like Mother’s Day (and St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Passover, Easter, Memorial Day and countless birthdays), Father’s Day will undoubtedly be a little bit different this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find creative ways to show dad how much he means to us. Check out these fun ideas for how to celebrate Father’s Day 2020.

Rock out to an iconic concert film

Music venues may still be shuttered, but fear not, the show goes on. Hit the streaming services to help dad enjoy some of his favorite artists’ most iconic shows. We think most dads will love “Prince: Sign O’ the Times” (Amazon Prime), “The Last Waltz” (Amazon Prime) “Monterey Pop” (TCM), “The Kids Are Alright” (Amazon Prime) and “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” (YouTube), to name just a few of the many great concert films available.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Dine in the backyard, hang on the beach, picnic in the park, swim in the lake, or hit the trails. It’s all fair game, as long as it’s done al fresco. After a lot of time spent indoors, there’s nothing dad will enjoy more than some fun in the sun with the people he loves the most.

A summer evening in the backyard is a perfect gift for dad.


Imbibe with a wine, beer or cocktail tasting

For the dad who likes the occasional adult beverage, why not elevate the experience with a unique selection of fine flavors? For wine loving papas, consider a blind tasting kit, a curated set, or a virtual tasting experience. Beer dads can dig into a virtual craft beer tasting experience, a beer & cheese pairing home happy hour or learn to make beer themselves with a live homebrewing class! Got a dad who loves it all and then some? Sign him up for a virtual wine/beer/whiskey tasting, for the best of all alcoholic beverage worlds.

Turn the living room into a theater with movie night

This one’s pretty straightforward, but rather than the usual lights on/phone out half-watch viewing experience, think a bit bigger for dad’s day. Hook him up with a complimentary ticket to his favorite movie, ensure his candy of choice awaits, fire up a premium bag of popcorn, and give him the best view in the house. Consider giving a pre-show introduction with theater rules: lights off, phones away and absolutely no talking! Creating a movie theater experience at home will help the audience (aka your family) truly immerse themselves in the cinematic experience and come out of it with a sense of renewal.

Help him feel like a winner with game night 

Another no brainer, Game Night will encourage some much-needed bonding, laughter and healthy competition. Consider a game medley, moving from old-school board games to online-facilitated rounds (like Scattergories, Pictionary or Heads Up) to a final fiery round of trivia (check out this random trivia generator for inspiration).

Break out the games for dad for a good old fashioned game night

Head to a drive-in or outdoor movie

Thought drive-in movies were a thing of the past? Well, they sort of were, but now they’re back to being a thing of the present. To find a theater in your neck of the woods, check out AXS’ guide to drive-in movies here. Also, keep your eyes on local listings in your town for information on outdoor movies and other events in nearby parks.

Simply enjoy an activity he loves

This may sound uninspired, but carving out the time to do something dad loves (even if the rest of the family doesn’t) will go a long way. Whether it’s applauding while he practices his golf swing, assisting in the yard, helping him work on the car, or simply observing as he explains how he brushes the dog (just to name a few!), having the whole fam support his idiosyncratic interests will feel like a long-lasting warm hug.