Rock Your Next Show: These Are the Ultimate Concert Hacks

With great music and near-perfect weather, having an amazing time at an outdoor show is almost always guaranteed. Although not every variable can (or should) be planned for, experienced concertgoers know that investing some time in pre-planning can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite hacks to help you have the best possible experience at your next outdoor concert. Ready to put these outdoor concert hacks to the test? Enter to win tickets and travel to shows at some of the most iconic venues across the US here.

Book your hotel early

If you’re traveling to attend an outdoor concert, it’s important to book your hotel as far in advance as possible. When a popular concert is held in town, hotels near the venue can fill up quickly. By booking your hotel in advance with trivago, you can avoid paying higher prices by comparing thousands of accommodations.

Plan your parking

Remembering where you parked in a sea of cars after rocking out at a show can be extremely difficult. To make things easier, take a photo of your parking spot and the surrounding landmarks, like signs or buildings, so you can find your way back at the end of the night. You can also use parking apps or maps to plan your route to the venue and figure out the parking options in advance.

Buy merch early

Concert merch is usually a hot ticket item and sells out quickly, especially if there are limited quantities available. If you want to buy a t-shirt or other souvenir, it’s a good idea to do so early in the day, before the show starts. You can also check the artist’s website or social media accounts before the concert to see what merch will be available, how much it costs, or if you can buy it online after the show.

Find a great view

To get a great view, arrive early and stake out a spot near the front. You can also bring a small portable chair or blanket to sit on, which can be especially helpful if the venue doesn’t have seating. If you’re not interested in being in the front row, consider finding a spot with a clear line of sight to the stage or screens.

Be prepared for anything

Most outdoor venues allow you to bring a small bag inside. Make sure you have all your essential items. Pack a portable phone charger, a refillable water bottle, sun protection, and a jacket in case it gets cold later in the night.