Fake news is funny: The best fictional news sites

Don’t be fooled (or do) these the absolute best sites for all your fake news needs. 

By Patrick Babbitt


These days the headlines may not exactly bring a smile to your face. Plus, it can be hard to know what facts are true and what might be the latest internet hoax. 

We are finding it better for our psyche to turn straight to the fake news source: parody news sites. 

Here’s a list of our favorite parody news and humor websites. Make sure to bookmark these for all your news needs. 

The Onion

The OG parody newspaper, “The Onion,” started in Madison, Wisconsin. They’re the best place to find our politicians getting eviscerated. Plus regular Joes and Janes are not safe from their barbs.


“Reductress” is the first feminist parody publication aiming to take down outdated perspectives and generalizations in women’s media, written by some of the funniest women in comedy today. Definitely make this a daily stop on your internet stroll.

Hard Times

A punk rock look at a parody site, “Hard Times” does also have real coverage but their heart is in punk comedy. Definitely a fun spot if you love to laugh and have ever streamed an Operation Ivy album.

Click Hole

What is “Click Hole?” Good question. It’s like if “Reductress” and “The Onion” were run by an insane person. Their headlines are less parody and more non sequitur madness, originally made as a send-up of sites like “Buzzfeed.” Check it out.


Founded by David Eggers in 1998, “McSweeneys” is a daily humor site. It champions new writers in the comedy and humor arena. It might be a little less of a parody site and more of a general humor publication. Either way, we love it. 

The Beaverton

Canadians are funny. Though that’s not really new news. “The Beaverton” is a Canadian-centric parody site based in Toronto. A super funny site from our friends to the North.