The 6 best sports streaming apps that are worth your time

A true fan needs coverage on all sports. Check out these apps to keep up to date with leagues and happenings around the world.

By Will Pankey


Streaming sports has come a long way. If you’re a sports fan who came up during the golden age of the internet, say around the early to mid-00s and, even more crucially, if you were a soccer fan you know how to stream sports. Waking up at an ungodly hour to catch Arsenal play out a nil-nil draw to the Bolton Wanderers on some inconsequential end-season fixture was how you earned your stripes. And the majority of the time, you had to watch each match on some glitchy, illegal streaming site from southeast Asia, buffering every 10 minutes and always seeming to crap out right when an attack looked like it was about to amount to a goal. The good ol’ days. 

Now, with the advent of cord-cutting, the big dogs have moved in and things have turned legit. Streaming sports on your mobile or tablet is the new normal and many big-name companies have moved into the streaming space to provide sports fans with more access, more sports, and more content. 

Now, we know that there are plenty of sites and ways to illegitimately stream sports (RIP r/nbastreams), knowledge we are deeply intimate with as shown so far. But, seeing as this is a family website, we are only listing the legit sources. Check it out below.


If we’re talking sports, we gotta start with the big one, CrackStreams ESPN+. Predictably the channel has proven a godsend during these sports-fallow times and it caters to every kind of sports fan, casual to diehard. If you’re like us, you’ve been eating up every episode of “The Last Dance.” ESPN+ has all of that, plus (sorry) more.


For anyone interested in combat sports you’re probably somewhat familiar with DAZN. The app doesn’t provide U.S. viewers with much outside of combat sports, so if you’re looking for two people to pummel themselves into submission and moreover, a variation on who is doing the pummeling, drop the credit card on DAZN now.


NBA League Pass

Days like these really make you wonder what people did back in the olde times when they didn’t have the NBA, wet threes, or disrespectful dunks. Thankfully, we don’t live in the dust-covered ’60s and ’70s anymore so we don’t have to worry about that. And even now when we don’t have any b-ball, NBA League Pass allows us to revisit games on-demand. It’ll do.

NBC Sports

You could probably make a good argument that the English Premier League isn’t the best league to watch from a technical or quality standpoint, but we’re in the U.S. It’s basically what all us casual American soccer fans grew up loving, so NBC Sports is the best for soccer. Granted, there’s no soccer right now, but they are showing match replays and highlights to hold you over.



Quarantine is an excellent time to also get into a sport that you probably had no interest in whatsoever. Might we recommend F1? It’s like Nascar’s urbane, sophisticated, much more attractive, worldly distant cousin. Check out the F1TV vault now.


Read it and weep folks, esports aren’t going anywhere. If you want to dive head-on into the wild world of esports, Strafe is your app. Strafe keeps fans updated on upcoming tournaments, news, and features in-app user gaming.