The 11 best sports video games of all time

Sports is on hiatus, but you can still indulge your competitive spirit with one of these fantastic sports video games.

By Ryon Singleton


There’s nothing like pulling off the win when the decks are lined up against you. That sweet victory that follows when you serve defeat to rivals in their own game. Nothing beats continuously owning your best friend over and over and over again because they are not allowed to beat you in your element. Period.

Whether they’re on the field, on the track or on the halfpipe – sports games have the power to bring the intensity of a clinched victory and hard-earned win to life. It doesn’t matter if fans can really throw down with the sport IRL, these games bring the magic of the experience right to the living room or arcade for all fans to enjoy.

Here are the 11 best sports games that go down as some of the best in the genre.