Sports on TikTok

Keep your inner sports fan entertained while the seasons are out with these clever, quick videos on TikTok.

By Anabelle Vo


So sports have been cancelled, and we’re feeling it. No ankle breakers, no hat tricks, and no hilarious fan reactions. But while everyone is anxious to get back to the game, sports teams are still maintaining a social media presence in order to stay connected to their best fans. Tiktok, of the newer platforms to have emerged, is seeing a great surge in users and content. Teams are really putting in the effort to come up with fun creative ways to entertain and engage their fans. Here are a few sports accounts we recommend if you’re new to Tiktok


The NBA’s #nbatogether challenge certainly put TikTok’s “duet” capabilities to good use.


@randalltwins nailed the Marcus Smart trick shot! ##NBAMoments ##NBATogether 🎵@unitedmasters

♬ Stadium Muzic - Jesse Jin


The official Nascar Tiktok has been churning out great stuff since they first started, like this cute stop motion animation recapping Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s first 500 win.


Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s first DAYTONA 500 win still gives us chills. ##nascar ##lego @goldyeller ##stopmotion

♬ original sound - nascar


Dance challenges on Tiktok are all the rage. Who did it better, the Devils’ Connor Carrick or his dog Hoagie?


The beautiful game in 60 seconds or less.


They have families, Armando Cooper. 😱 @torontofc ##tekkers ##soccer ##mlsskills ##tbt

♬ OMG!! - VA


From highlights to behind the scenes videos, the NFL’s Tiktok is there to remind you of any given Sunday.


Some fire gameplay mixed with humorous original content. What’s not to like?


This college pitcher is on some next-level deception. 😱 😂 (via @adrock_5, @espn) ##baseballlife ##fyp ##baseball ##workdistractions

♬ Deep End Freestyle - Sleepy Hallow

Pittsburgh Penguins

Special shout out to The Penguins. Their creative TikTok game is worth a celly or two.

Dude Perfect

One of the most popular YouTube channels is also on Tiktok. While not a sports team, their trick shot antics are nothing short of athletic wizardry.