Chill video game streamers for when you just want to relax

These channels provide some relaxing entertainment without the high energy antics of typical streamers. If you’re just looking to chill, you’ve come to the right place.

By Anabelle Vo


If you’re sifting through thousands of gaming channels and getting a bit weary of the overly-spirited, audaciously loud streamers trade barbs, we feel you. Sometimes you just want to see people try on outfits in “Animal Crossing” or build a modernist dream house in “Minecraft.”

Some streamers are exciting to watch, but not when you’re just looking for something to chill out to. Low-stress, but still high in entertainment value, we’ve found some streamers and channels that might be just what you need.


One of the most popular Twitch streamers with over 4 million subscribers, Pokimane streams a variety of games, chats with viewers, and collaborations with other streamers. Even while streaming first-person shooter games like “Valorant,” Poki maintains a generally calm demeanor except for a few outbursts of excitement during intense battle moments. Fans also often ask her for advice, to which she responds with kindness and an open mind.


FireDragon tries to keep most of his streams family-friendly, so he mostly streams “Animal Crossing” and “Pokemon.” His exchanges with fans are also overall positive, and he likes to shout out to viewers for subscribing to his channel. Most of his recent streams have been focused on finding specific villagers in “Animal Crossing” while bantering with fans. FireDragon’s channel is definitely a low-stress zone, and you should check it out if you’re into “Animal Crossing.”

Yogscast Kim

A member of the Yogscast group, which specializes in gaming-related online content, Kim’s channel focuses on a variety of story-driven and indie games. She’s also a horror fan and has played through games like “Silent Hil”l and “Little Nightmares.” Most recently, she’s been playing “Animal Crossing.” Her commentary is relatable and endearing, even when she’s playing through some scary material.

JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

This “Minecraft” architecture channel features first-person point of view of the player building elaborate structures with calming background music. The most popular video on the channel is of the player building a house into the side of a mountain. The videos also include diagrams and written instructions for the viewer to follow along. It’s very satisfying when you behold the finished product.

Sakku’s Mind

In February of 2020, Playstation released “Dreams,” a game that is essentially a game engine in itself. “Dreams” allows players to create their own games, with tools to create assets and assemble environments. Sakku’s Mind is a 3D artist who has put the game to good use, creating wonderful worlds, as well as providing plenty of tutorials to get you started on your own “Dreams” creations.