Some of the reasons rock legend Eddie Money was the absolute best

Though the world lost the legendary Eddie Money in 2019, his influence continues to be felt and celebrated. Here are some of the reasons why he was such an icon.

By Lori Melton


Eddie Money, the beloved New York native rocker and AXS TV reality star died in September of 2019 at 70 years old. But the charismatic singer-songwriter’s prolific career spanned for over four decades. During his incredible journey, he released a slew of hit songs including “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Shakin’,” “I Wanna Go Back,” “Walk on Water” and more.

In 2018, he launched his hit reality TV series “Real Money” on AXS TV. Money openly drew his fans and viewers into the often chaotic and frequently funny antics of him and his family as they lived, loved, and laughed their way through a variety of situations.

Though fans around the world mourn his loss, as a means of paying tribute, we’re listing a few reasons why we think Eddie Money was the absolute best.


His Spectacular Song Catalog Speaks for Itself

Eddie Money blasted onto the music scene in the late ‘70s and stole everyone’s hearts with his long line of Top 40 hits and platinum record albums. In fact, many fans can probably weave a tapestry of important moments in their lives that happened as one of Money’s hits played on their stereo or the radio.

He had a knack for churning out catchy tunes like his signature hits “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Baby Hold On,” “Shakin’” and more. Money leaves a legacy of unforgettable tracks from 11 studio albums behind that fans will treasure across multiple generations.


His Shakin’ Video Had Us All Shakin’!

Coming up in the age of MTV and music videos taking over TV screens, Eddie Money released some iconic music videos. In the early years, he projected the puppy-eyed rock star to perfection. Can we ever forget the sight of him riding in that hot rod in the “Shakin’” video? Decked out in leather and smiling that smoldering smile, who could resist him?


He Loved to Perform Live

Money loved to entertain audiences. As a beloved staple performer in Detroit, Money “kicked off” summer by opening up DTE Music Energy Amphitheater every year. He told lots of fun stories between songs and had audiences screaming and dancing at every show. He continued to tour until he took a break for a heart valve procedure earlier this year.


Music Became a Family Affair

Fans who followed Money’s career and those who have watched “Real Money” have witnessed the strong musical bond he’s formed with his kids. While some rockers may have slowed down after 40 years-plus of making music, nothing stopped the “Walk on Water” singer. Money showed no sign of slowing down. He continued to write songs and performed multiple gigs, even into last year. He also welcomed his kids into his band, and they toured across the country making music together.

Jesse and Dez provided vocals and guitar and Julian played the drums. When Dez struck out to launch his own band, his dad was right there to offer his sage advice. His wife, Laurie, kept their tight musical ship running and the Money clan delighted audiences anywhere.


He Had that Dry, New York Sense of Humor

Fans and critics alike probably agree that Eddie Money could have enjoyed a successful run at doing standup comedy. On “Real Money,” he was constantly cracking jokes and delivering wry comments in his witty, New York kind of way.

Standout moments on the show include when he was bummed about being passed over for jury duty, when the Moneys went horseback riding (and he conquered his fear of horses!), when they drove Go-Karts, and more. Plus, the way he always complained about the kids spending money was hilarious. He was a true “call it as I see it” kind of guy — and his zany sense of humor kept everyone rolling with laughter.


He Loved His Family Fiercely

Though Eddie Money often gave one of his kids an eye roll during their reality show, it was obviously he loved his family fiercely and the feeling was mutual. When “Real Money” launched, Money quipped that they were “like the Partridge Family, but dysfunctional.”

The clan shared plenty of laughs and hugs. Money even wrote his wife a love song on the show. Though their lives were always hectic, they lived under one roof and presented a fun-loving, united family front. Plus, Eddie and Laurie defied music industry odds by maintaining their marriage for over 30 years. He gave his wife constant credit for keeping the family and their career on track.

Nothing is more endearing than watching a rock legend love his wife and kids.

He has gone too soon. #RIP Eddie Money.