If you haven’t listened to these veteran podcasts yet, you should

With all the downtime, finding something to make a dent in our days is becoming harder. Luckily, podcasting has been around for years – these podcasts in particular.

By Sierra Tavasolian


With everything happening right now, sometimes you want to keep from having a quiet moment in your mind. So, if you’re looking to keep yourself from that third existential crisis of the week (or day, we won’t judge), here are some podcasts that have been around for years and provide you with hours and hours of content to keep you busy.

Welcome To Night Vale

Looking for something soothing, calm, and full of secret terrors? “Welcome To Night Vale” is the podcast for you! In this podcast, you’re listening to a small-town public radio show that updates you on the goings-on of the small town of Night Vale. Enjoy updates from the community calendar, city council, and prepare yourself for dangerous robed figures that make sure you don’t enter (or leave) the Dog Park.

Reply All

Ever wondered where that meme you keep seeing came from? Wondered why you periodically get more robocalls? Or what happened to that old URL you kept for your angsty high-school poetry? “Reply All” is an investigative podcast that takes deep looks into different corners of the internet, answers questions, and provides context for the random topics you never knew you wanted to know about.

Food Psych

“Food Psych” is hosted by Christy Harrison, an MPH, CRN, RD, registered dietician, nutritionist, and all-around qualified human being who talks with folks about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, and body politics. This podcast, which has been around since 2013, gives a new look into how we look – and live – in our bodies. If you’re looking to being more comfortable in your skin coming out of quarantine, give this a listen!

Pod Saves America

Four political veterans talk politics. Wait! It’s not what you think. These former Obama aides give a no-BS look at politics; they talk with politicians, journalists, activists, and other experts about what’s happening in the USA, how we got here, and what exactly is going on. This easy to digest political overview will make you sound like the smartest person on your next zoom call.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Have you recently read a science journal or article about something that’s here to cure all ills? Heard about a myth or story that sounds just this side of believable? Well, this is the podcast to help! Hosted by the official New England Skeptics Society, “The Skeptics Guide to the Universe” is here to put in layman’s terms that article you didn’t understand or simply debunk myths, conspiracy theories, and pseudoscience that one cousin keeps touting. And, you have five years’ worth of episodes to binge, so bring on the knowledge!

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Are you done with all the heavy stuff now, and just looking to laugh? Look no further than these three good, good internet boys. Brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have been answering questions for ten years, ranging from topics such as “Where is Shrimp Heaven” to “I’ve Embarrassed Myself Do I Pack Up and Move Away?” Full of goofs, sibling antics, and looks into the world of Quick Service Press Releases, these three dudes will make you laugh and give you a little break from the rest of the world.