Podcasts about super random topics that we’re totally obsessed with

A list of podcasts as varied and random as your wikihole deep dives

By Sierra Tavasolian


While we’re all stuck inside, social distancing and self-isolating, it can be easy to fall into corners of the internet and come out three days later without realizing time has passed. So, if you’re hoping to enjoy some random information on par with a wiki deepdive, we’d like to offer these podcasts up for your listening pleasure!

Be The Serpent

Three redheaded fantasy authors talk about books, movies, or TV shows and take a look at tropes, literary devices, and narratives. Do you want to read a book or watch a show, but don’t have the energy to commit? Let these lovelies read/watch/listen for you. Plus, it’ll arm you with plenty of talking points to bring up at the end-of-COVID parties we’re all looking forward to.

Throughline” from NPR

Join hosts Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei as they go back in time to understand the present. Interested about the connection between the Spanish Flu and what we’re currently experiencing? Or how there was a court case that ruled the practice of astrology isn’t illegal? This is the podcast for you! 

Thirst Aid Kit” from Slate

Seeing as we’re spending a lot of time inside, maybe it’s time to be a little more introspective. Cue Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkin, two hosts who look deep into their hearts and minds each week to focus on who we’re thirsting after and why. And, every so often, they’re joined by the subjects of said thirst, like Chris Evans and Daniel Dae Kim. Join the Thirsty Thursday party!

Sawbones” from Maximum Fun

Is the cure for COVID taking too long? Are you exacerbated by the slow process of testing and creating a vaccine? Well, it could be worse! Join Dr. Syndee McElroy and her husband Justin as they look at the history of medical advancements. Learn and laugh along with this marital tour through the misguided history of medicine, and find out exactly why you shouldn’t drill a hole in your head.

Heaving Bosoms

Do you need something light? Hilarious? Something that makes you feel like you read a book without the actual effort of reading? Heaving Bosoms might be exactly what you need. Join Erin and Melody as they read, recap, and review romance novels. Are all of them good? Very much no, but some of us listeners think that just makes the episodes better!

The Empty Bowl

We know things are stressful right now, and everyone seems to be feeling the stress in their shoulders, jaws, back, and … well, everywhere. We’re all just a little tense. Well, give yourself a little breather from that stress. Join Dan Goubert, creator of the blog Cerealous, and Justin McElroy, cereal and ASMR enthusiast, for this low-stakes meditative podcast. Enjoy this 30 to 45 minute discussion of cereal and cereal-adjacent products.