Online workout classes to get the kids moving 

Staying in is no excuse for staying still!

By Vanessa Vallon


As kids and parents busy themselves with remote learning, spending days printing worksheets and logging onto various Zoom rooms, it’s easy to let one class fall by the wayside: P.E. Both adults and children have discovered the day can rapidly whizz by before realizing they’ve barely moved from their seat. But during this time of ongoing weirdness and unknowns, it can be helpful to embrace movement for a sense of calm and accomplishment, not to mention a good night’s sleep.

Although it’s easy to find online workout classes, personal accountability is the hard part, as staying engaged can be one of the biggest challenges of a workout without supervision (and, of course, the easy-to-scratch temptation to wander over to our other electronics). AXS has narrowed down the online workout classes proven to challenge, entertain and engage even the most wandering minds and bodies. Check it out and get moving! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Designed to teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation, “cosmic” kids three and older will quickly learn the fun and valuable practices of yoga can also be applied to daily life. Themed yoga classes, including “Harry Potter,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Frozen” variations, will enable kids to redirect large amounts of energy to find zen, while still surmounting an enjoyable challenge.


Led by a (very wise) animated monkey, this yoga and mindfulness series offers kid-friendly “Superhero yoga for kids,” “Toddler yoga” and “Calming Down after big emotions.” Classes range from two to ten minutes; double or triple up if looking for an integrated practice! 


Known to provide “good energy at home,” GoNoodle has some truly entertaining interactive programming, with new releases including “Clap It Out,” (exactly what it sounds like and more), “Swirling,” a mindfulness exercise for overactive minds, and “Fast Feet with Madison Keys,” with the tennis pro. Other activities include easy cooking classes, games and gratitude practices.

Kidz Bop Dance Along

We all know Kidz Bop is great for car rides, but don’t sleep on its other uses! Kidz Bop Dance Alongs are short dance parties easy to execute in the living room to release pent up energy. Since we could all use some movement right now, parents are encouraged to dance it out too.

The Little Gym

Created by musician, educator and kinesiologist Robin Wes, The Little Gym takes a holistic approach to children’s physical exercise with classes designed to promote both physical, mental and emotional fitness. With numerous offerings for children ages four months to 12 years, the program has something for everyone, whether you’re into jumping, dancing, strength-building or simply the classic choo-choo train.

Karma Kids Yoga

Karma Kids Yoga helps kids embrace the mind-body-breath connection of yoga through a series of fun, game-like classes, resulting in increased calm, confidence, and motivation. Along with family and partner classes, they also offer “parent quickies” for those adults looking for quick toning bursts.

Alo Gives

Created by the exercise apparel brand, Alo yoga has a comprehensive set of family-friendly videos, focussing on everything from mindfulness to morning energy to animal yoga. Focus classes are also available for those looking to practice and grow facets like bravery, focus, strength, kindness and more.

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