Learn something new with these education-focused podcasts

These podcasts will broaden your mind while you’re social distancing

By Sierra Tavasolian


Knowledge is unlimited and definitely extends beyond what you learn in school. If you’re looking to learn some new information or to learn the truth behind the myths seventh-grade history told you, these podcasts are here to inform.


This podcast focuses on history, both international and domestic. In “Throughline,” you learn not only about hidden or untaught history but also about thematic or social throughlines (get it?) in history. Learn about the past with “Throughline” to better understand the present.

“One From The Vault”

With Pride month coming up, it can’t hurt to brush up on some queer history. “One From The Vault” is a podcast that focuses on trans history, going over the glamour, the dirt, and the gossip. Join host Morgan Page to learn more about trans history!

“There Goes the Neighborhood”

Curious as to why your neighborhood prices are going up, or why it’s impossible to find an affordable apartment in the city? “There Goes the Neighborhood” is a series that deep-dives into gentrification. Season one focuses on East Brooklyn, NY; season two focuses on Los Angeles, CA; and season three focuses on Miami, FL. If you’re interested in skyrocketing rent and the history of fighting for affordable living, give it a listen!


Looking for something a little lighter? “Sawbones” is a medical history podcast hosted by a married doctor-comedian duo that teaches the history of different medical practices, from headache cures to chickenpox, and even touches on the World Of Warcraft Plague. Listen and learn why you shouldn’t drill a hole in your head!

“TED Radio Hour”

If narrowed focuses aren’t your cup of tea, try “TED Radio Hour.” Each episode addresses different topics, from the way we love, how humans adapt to the world around them, and even (relevant to this article!) rethinks the way schooling works. Broaden your mind and your podcast curriculum here!

“Revisionist History”

We know we mentioned a few history podcasts (it’s hard to teach science over a podcast, and well, we’re not big fans of math), but this might just be the end-all in terms of history podcasts. Malcolm Gladwell spends multiple episodes going deep on history and they way it’s been revised over time. A heavy but amazing listen, “Revisionist History” is not only full of what you weren’t taught in school but what history books might have lied about.