Keep your ears on the road: Travel podcasts to feel like you’re outside

Get outside and experience the world without going outside. 

By Will Pankey


Just because we are inside doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about our next big getaway, and when we are finally able to hop on a plane, the experience will be that much sweeter. But as always, traveling and exploration always begin with research and inspiration and there are some top-tier travel podcasts to get your gears moving. Check out some of our favorites below and start plotting your next adventure.

Let’s Talk Points

For many people, the whole reason behind racking up credit card points is for that one memorable experience. “Let’s Talk Points” from Marriott Bonvoy Traveler shares stories from travelers who used their points to cross some serious items off their bucket list or those who used points for truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It will make you think about how you can put your points to better use when the time comes.

“Get Outta Here!”

Hosted by Warren Levinson, “Get Outta Here!” Checks in with AP correspondents around the world and digs into locations that you might not have thought about traveling to or visiting as a tourist.

Thirst Aid Kit” from Slate

If you’ve ever been to a national park, you know the majesty and beauty that lies within. “America’s National Parks Podcast” drops you right into the wilderness with a variety of stories taking place in the national parks, episodes on conservation, and how the national parks have evolved over the years.

“Travel with Rick Steves”

Rick Steves is one of the world’s eminent travel writers and his guides and insight into traveling have inspired generations of explorers. His podcast maintains his usual high standard by exposing listeners to a wide array of cultures and stories.

Flight of Fancy

“Flight of Fancy’s” episodes center around big cornerpiece destinations along with current trends in travel. Their episodes on what it’s like to travel to Antarctica and the world’s new best destinations for food will have you looking for tickets in no time.

Armchair Explorer

If you want something that is more story-based, “Armchair Explorer” is the travel podcast for you. Each episode highlights one explorer and they recount, in documentary-style detail, one of their greatest adventure stories. Each episode brings a new road tale that is engrossing and educational in equal measure.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Some people just like to complain when they are traveling. And then there are those who complain and also like to leave comments and one-star reviews on travel sites. “Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet” hilariously takes real one-star reviews from travelers and reads them in dramatic fashion. If anything, the podcast reminds you not to sweat the small stuff (or become someone who leaves reviews for anything).

The Rough Guide To Everywhere

If you want niche and unique topics when it comes to travel experiences, “The Rough Guide To Everywhere” is your podcast. Past episodes dive deep into cow-calling in Sweden, the historic art of voudou in Haiti, and witchcraft in western Iceland. ).