Podcast Beat: The music industry and the coronavirus

Like so many industries, coronavirus has affected the music industry in profound ways. Check out these podcasts to get the lowdown on how the music industry is coping and how it could adapt going forward.

By Will Pankey


Rolling Stone Music Now: "Cancellations, Chaos: How the Pandemic Halted the Music Biz"

A broad overview of how the coronavirus pandemic affected the music industry, Rolling Stone’s “Music Now” podcast is a good place to get a grasp on how coronavirus impacted the lives of people in the industry.

New York Times Popcast: "How Will Pop Music Respond to the Coronavirus?"

Hosted by New York Times pop critic Jon Caramanica, Popcast’s episode about the coronavirus takes another macro look at how the crisis shut down the music business and the widespread ramifications of COVID on musicians.

The Future of What: "MusicBiz Live! With Facebook and Instagram"

As self-quarantine continues, artists and musicians have turned to numerous social platforms to perform and connect with fans. The latest Future of What episode hosts Portia Sabin and Perry Bashkoff of Instagram and Mayola Charles of Facebook as they talk about the unique ways artists have used each platform and new products the social networks are rolling out to help facilitate connection with fans.

Telescope: "Drive-In Concert"

Less a look at how the industry is responding, Telescope’s “Drive-In Concert” episode takes a look at how a band responded to their slate of upcoming shows being canceled. The novel solution was a “drive-in” concert in a supermarket parking lot.