The Best Ways to Enjoy Music At Home 

Here are some great ways to scratch your music itch while we wait for concerts to return.

By AXS Staff


While we wait in anticipation for the return of concerts here’s a quick reminder of  different ways to enjoy music during quarantine. Sure it’s easy to feel hopeless while we yearn for the fun of a live event but it’s important to keep your love for music alive. We’ve compiled a list of some ideas to reconnect with your favorite tunes. What’s most important about this list is it’s all about fun. Give them a try!

Buy Records

That’s right, records! Put it on wax, as they say. What better way to support your favorite artist than to buy their records. In the era of music streaming services where the single is king, buying records lets you get in touch with a musicians full album. Plus, most record stores have curbside pick up. Just call ahead and support musicians and small businesses.

Biopics and Music Docs

There’s so many amazing documentaries and biopics streaming right now it’s the perfect way to pass the time as we wait until we can buy concert tickets again. Whether you are a fan of multipart docu series or a 90 minute narrative, Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Amazon Prime, and many more services are chock full of the good stuff. Some of our faves: Amy, American Utopia, The Bee Gees: How To Mend A Broken Heart, and Straight Out Of Compton.

Update Your Car Stereo

Is it 1998? No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your car speakers. We’re talking amps, subwoofers, tweeters, all of it. Change your trunk into a full blown PA system. Your rearview mirror will vibrate so hard the world will look blurry. If you can’t go to a concert make one in your car.

Buy An Instrument

Okay here us out, what if the music really lives within? That’s right we think you could be the virtuoso that you’re dying to see live. You probably have a bit of extra time on your hands so why not try to find your inner rockstar. Also consider synthesizers, they have programmed sounds you can lean on and we need someone to replace Daft Punk.

Take An Online Dance Class

Exercise is important. So is music. Both can be a cure for the winter blues. Since we can’t go dance along with your favorite band or artist try taking an online dance class. Look into your local dance studios, most are offering online classes. Or head to Youtube for some less hands on classes. It’s exercise but mostly it’s just fun!


There have been a bevy of amazing musicians performing livestreams for the past year. They are still going! Check out the mainpage for updates of upcoming livestream events. Or for the exclusive events we’re ticketing like the Kpop group IZ*One on March 13th! Check it out here: