We want to know: How are you continuing to enjoy music in the absence of concerts?

Concerts may not be back yet, but you better believe we’re still rocking out. What’s your flavor of fun?

by Vanessa Vallon

As live concerts remain on hiatus, music fans are having to get a little bit creative to find ways to scratch that music itch. Artists continue to showcase their raw talent and charisma in virtual concerts and livestreams. Music videos, even those made in quarantine, continue to deliver. If you’re lucky enough to live near a drive-in, have a car, and enjoy attending concerts in your car, then the drive-in concert experience may be doing it for you. For those trying to turn up, virtual nightlife is there to provide beats and (remote) pals to party with. For overachievers, there’s never been a better time to learn a new instrument, because, why go to a virtual concert when you can put on your own, in-person?! It may even be possible, given the right amount of space, to host your own socially-distant concert or dance party. 

In all seriousness, although nothing can replace the in-person, ex-vehicle experience, the music world has not gone quiet, and we know its fans haven’t either. Which leads us to our ultimate question: how have you been keeping your music tank full while the venues stay closed? Let us know using the poll below!

How are you continuing to enjoy music this summer?