How to get your sports fix during the current hiatus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought most sporting leagues to a screeching halt. What’s a sports lover to do when the arenas are empty and we’re all stuck at home? We’ve got the answers.

By Patrick Babbitt


With the current health crisis and need for social distancing, there are *sniffle* no more… live sports *aggressive sniffling*

We’re not crying — you’re crying!!

Look, we know how it feels to be hungry for sports but not have anything the chomp on. We’re all in this together, after all. But, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ways to get your fix while we patiently wait for the return of the pastimes we know and love. Check them out below.

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Add It to Your Queue on YouTube

Thanks to the glory that is YouTube, there’s tons of great sports content available right at our fingertips. Everything from classic NBA and NFL games to action sports. NBC Sports also has us covered for all our Premier League Soccer content with past highlights and classic matches.

Some of our favorite channels include: NBA, GoPro, AXS TV, and Redbull.

Trust the Experts at ESPN

You can’t go wrong with the classic sports fix, ESPN. Be it on YouTube, cable, podcasts, or whatever, ESPN ensures you can access them anywhere.

ESPN offers all the breaking news and important sports info you need. The network also hosts “30 For 30,” which looks back at notable sports events and moment in history. They also have an upcoming documentary which will look at Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. The 10 part documentary series, titled “The Last Dance,” is due out June 2.

Pick a Fight with AXS TV

If you thought AXS TV was just music, you’d be sorely mistaken. The network has partnered with many different MMA and fight leagues in the past, from New Japan Pro Wrestling to Legacy Fighting Alliance to their current partnership with IMPACT Wrestling and Combate Americas, which you can catch on Tuesday and Friday nights (respectively).

Alongside their on-air programming, the station also has tons of great Best Of, Fight of the Week, and recap videos from past fights. Check it all out on their YouTube page, AXS TV Wrestling.

Give a Podcast a Listen

Want to give your screen-tired eyes a break? Consider sports podcasts! The great things about podcasts is they roll on as normal, even with social distancing.

Networks like The Ringer — which hosts shows like “The Bill Simmons Podcast” and “The Ryen Russillo Podcast” — and ESPN — which hosts a more traditional radio show and podcasts like “The Dan Le Batard Show” — are great places to start. The two networks, and many others, offer tons of unique and intriguing resources for sports content.

Reel It in With Sports Movies

Sports have been the subject of some of the greatest movies ever made. From “Little Giants” to “Moneyball” there are an array of sports movies ripe for binging on all our favorite streaming services.

On Netflix be sure to catch classics like “Jerry Macguire” and “The Natural.” Disney+ has us covered with “Cool Runnings” and “Remember the Titans.” Amazon delievers the sports feels with “Moneyball” and “Rudy.” And Hulu gives us “Borg vs. McEnroe” and “I, Tonya.” So pop up some popcorn and start binging.