Ramping up the competition

We’re looking past “Overwatch” and “Fortnite” and, instead, hoping one day these unexpected games could take center stage in competitive esports.

By Anabelle Vo


Games like “Overwatch,” “League of Legends,” and “Fortnite” typically dominated the conversation when it comes to competitive esports. And don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love these games.

But…we’re looking a bit further past the current horizon at some unexpected titles that should be considered for the large competitive audience. Be it their general vibe, playability, or just overall aesthetic, here are some of our picks for games we think would be dope to see played in competitive esports leagues.

Little Big Planet

Yes we know it’s an older game. Yes we know it’s limited to the Playstation system. And sure, the game’s cutesy art design and relatively low stakes might seem to eliminate it from esports qualification. But hear us out: The Create Mode is ripe for competition.

Teams can take turns crafting wild obstacles and then competing in others’ levels, solo or cooperatively. The game is pretty to look at, with a sweet soundtrack. That’d make for some great family-friendly entertainment as well!

Dying Light 

The horror game “Dying Light” has an asymmetrical—many vs. one— multiplayer mode called “Be The Zombie,” and it is exactly what it sounds like. We propose that this mode be taken to a competitive level, and players can even take turns playing as survivors or zombies.

The challenges for each mode would definitely require quick thinking and gaming prowess, certainly appropriate for esports.

Friday the 13th

In the same vein as “Dying Light” above, this game allows one player to control the villain. In this case, you can be Jason Voorhees. The asymmetrical nature of the multiplayer will require teams to strategize and come up with roles for each team member.

We don’t know about you, but being the “dedicated Jason Voorhees” in an esports tournament sounds amazing.

Minecraft: Survival Games

This mode of “Minecraft” is a Battle Royale/Hunger Games type of setting, wherein players (or tributes, if you prefer!) fight each other to become the last one standing.

There are supplies and weapons that you can obtain to aid your quest, and it has been around for a long time. We’d love to see it bloom into a more mainstream esports tournament.

Garry’s Mod

The sandbox game wherein the player’s creativity is the limit. It provides multiple modes that you can choose from, including the Battle Royale Plus mode, which turns the game into an open battlefield that would fit right in with games like Fortnite