Our dream Fortnite concerts

In-game concerts are a thing now. Here are some artists that we think would kill it in Fortnite.

By Anabelle Vo


Did you catch Travis Scott’s visually-stunning Astronomical show? The virtual concert took place inside the game Fortnite, and boy did they put the game’s unique graphics to good use.

Scott’s vibrant, out of this world sense of aesthetics translated particularly well into the game, which is also known for its unique and colorful style.

Here are some musicians that we think would put on quite a show in Fortnite.

Lady Gaga

Of course, our list would have to include Lady Gaga, queen of outrageous visual concepts. Lady Gaga is an artist known for embracing bold colors and even artistic concepts that constantly push the envelope of popular music, and The Fame Monster’s Dadaist sensibilities catapulted her to international superstardom. Her new music video for the single “Stupid Love” has a great pulp sci-fi vibe, and we think her next album concept will definitely be Fortnite ready.


We know Diplo is embracing his Western side lately as Thomas Wesley, but his quarantine live streams along with Mad Decent label mates are a reminder that the superstar producer is always a source of outrageous, boundary-pushing visuals. He’s also not new to the Fortnite world, as Diplo is one of the celebrities who are known fans of the game. He’s even joined gaming star Ninja on a couple of Fortnite sessions. An in-game concert would be a natural progression for Diplo.


Boasting catchy beats and larger than life, colorful cinematics, BLACKPINK would be quite at home in Fortnite. The international K-Pop sensation has amassed over a billion views on their music video for “Ddu-du Ddu-du”, and at this point, it might be a matter of the Fortnite servers not being able to handle the number of their devoted fans dropping in just for the show. We have no doubt that the girl group would absolutely kill their performance while breaking the internet.

Billie Eilish

Okay so Billie’s horror film aesthetics might make more sense in Silent Hill game, but the thumping bassline of a track like “bury a friend” or “all the good girls go to hell” would make so much sense in a battle royale game like Fortnite. There would be so much room for creativity, marrying the game’s ridiculousness with Eilish’s bold, Cocteau-esque vision. Imagine a Billie Eilish Fortnite takeover where the entire game becomes a trip through her very own surrealist haunted house.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has quickly risen to the top of the pack of new pop stars with her irreverent lyrics and music videos. In fact, her first claim to fame was the viral video for her song “Mooo!” Equipped with her deadpan delivery and dodgy green screen, it was a signal of things to come for this emerging artist, whose tongue-in-cheek approach has become one of her most defining traits. It would be interesting to see what she brings to a platform like Fortnite, which is also similarly entrenched in viral internet culture.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX recently participated in the Minecraft festival Square Garden, so we know she’s down for in-game concerts. Well-respected for her creativity, she’s also someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her music videos continue to be offbeat and fun. Her infectious beats and unique sense of aesthetics would definitely benefit from the graphics capability of Fortnite. As a bonus, Charli has a penchant for featuring other awesome artists in her music, and wouldn’t it be fun to have Lizzo or Troye Sivan make an appearance during her show? And speaking of Lizzo…


Lizzo would turn Fortnite into a visual journey through her wildly successful album Cuz I Love You. Her songs fluctuate from earworms to anthemic ballads, and she would no doubt weave her visual story in a way few artists can. Lizzo is known for her unapologetic songwriting and artistry, so we believe giving her the spotlight in a Fortnite setting would make perfect sense. Maybe she’ll even do a flute solo to really shake things up.

Lil Nas X

Mr. Internet himself. The smash success of “Old Town Road” on TikTok has led to a cultural phenomenon, and Lil Nas X’s personal visual style has enabled this viral success. His music videos utilize striking colors, pop culture references, and strong storytelling. That would translate well in the world of Fortnite, if Travis Scott’s brilliant performance is any indication. Perhaps Lil Nas X could even be immortalized in the game with his own special celebration dance.


It would make perfect sense to have a band whose members are all animated perform in a game. Gorillaz founder Damon Albarn relies heavily on Jamie Hewlett’s art to illustrate (pun intended) the underlying stories in his tracks. Gorillaz’s genre-bending music feels right at home on a virtual stage, with lots of room for artistic experimentation, because every Gorillaz video is already jam-packed with trippy animations. The strong visual concepts that tie the Gorillaz’s music together would translate easily into a game like Fortnite.