Comedy specials with the best dad jokes

Nothing says ‘Dad’ like dad jokes! Let’s watch some comedy!

By Patrick Babbitt


Ah yes, dad jokes. Cringe-worthy one-liners that make you want to excuse yourself from the dinner table. Jokes that made you fear losing friendships when said in earshot of your high school peers. We gathered our favorite comedy specials for Dad this Father’s Day. While these are more Dad-themed rather than Dad-jokes we think they’re the perfect way to enjoy some laughs with your old man. Check them out!

Adam Sandler – “100% Fresh”

If you haven’t seen Adam Sandler’s Netflix special see it. It’s chock-full of great bits, awesome songs, and some incredibly tender moments like his tribute to the late great Chris Farley. There’s also plenty of material about being a dad and stories about his own father’s beard, or lack thereof.

Jim Gaffigan – “Quality Time”

We think it’s safe to say Jim Gaffigan could be a stand-in for a majority of middle-class America’s Dad. His takes on food, marriage, and fatherhood can’t be missed. Check it out!

Mitch Hedberg – “Mitch All Together”

We lost Mitch far too soon. Before he passed, Mitch was the king of the one-liners. They’re dad jokes mixed with a little cannabis and maybe acid. Mitch has great takes on frozen bananas, trees, and club sandwiches. Listen on Spotify here

Tom Papa – “You’re Doing Great”

Tom Papa is doing great, we think. He has a wife and two kids and a bowl full of stress. His special deals with fatherhood and parenting in general. His kids love ice cream and being mean. Is he going to make it through this?

Tom Segura – “Mostly Stories”

Tom Segura is the dad of the future. Less worried about the safety of his children and more about their ability to tell good stories. Kids are no good at story telling, but sometimes they’re brilliant.

Seth Meyers – “Lobby Baby”

Late Night host Seth Meyers shows off his work ethic by writing and performing a stand up special while also hosting a nightly tv show. If you haven’t heard about the insane adventure of his children’s birth, strap in.