Amazing comedy podcasts you totally should be listening to

We’re breaking down some of our favorite comedy podcasts for anyone looking to fill some downtime.

By Patrick Babbitt


Times are a little tough out there. Between all the heavy-hitting and sometimes pretty negative stuff filling our social feeds, it’s easy to feel a little bogged down. But a great way to let lose is enjoying some side-splitting comedy to laugh the dread away. 

What better way to put smiles on our faces than binging some top-notch comedy podcasts? Trick question, it’s the only way!

Here are some comedy podcasts that we’ve been streaming and using to forget about all our worries. 

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

This is a great entry point to comedy podcasts. Late-night veteran Conan O’Brien interviews fellow comedy all-stars in an effort to make true lasting friendships. Does it work? Sometimes. Conan’s interactions with his producers are also amazing sources of belly laughs.

How Did This Get Made

Do you have that weird quirk where you love watching horrible movies? So do June Diane Raphael, Jason Manzoukis, and Paul Scheer. They discuss movies that are so bad that they end up amazing. Their podcast is amazing too!

Comedy Bang Bang

Scott Aukerman hosts this comedic podcast staple. Running for over a decade, and at one point a television show on IFC, “Comedy Bang Bang” helped launch the careers of comics like Carl Tart and Lauren Lapkus. Scott interviews a guest and then interviews several comedians that are in character. Fake guests have included Jesse Ventura, Scott’s Nephew Todd, and Santa Claus.

Most Wonderful Pod of the Year

Jackie Gonzalez Durruthy and Ross Kimball love Christmas. Even more so, they love Christmas movies. They watch every movie, good and bad, that Hallmark and Netflix have to offer. Grab some cocoa and listen to them dissect intensely bad Christmas movies with special guests!