Clickhole is back

The Buzzfeed parody site is back under new ownership.

By Patrick Babbitt


Clickhole is back!

The publication lampooning sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy was created by The Onion in 2014. Cards Against Humanity purchased the site this past February. Following the purchase, they went into a brief hibernation period but this bear of comedy has arisen from its slumber. For those who have not been graced by the insanity of Clickhole, we’ve compiled some of its recent articles for you. Check it out!

It’s Time To Marry Rob

Clickhole would like you to go on a choose your own adventure by falling for and marrying a vinegar salesman named Rob. Is this true love? It must be. Or are we losing our minds? That is often a question asked when reading a Clickhole article. 

Are You Strong Enough To Eat The Loaf Of Bread You Just Baked Even Though It Came Out Of The Oven Begging For Life?

This quiz will test your skills in the kitchen. Not your cooking skills but a moral test to see if you have the fortitude to eat a loaf of bread as it begs for mercy. The bread wants a long and full life–you want toast.

6 Ways To Make Your Neighbor Move Away Using Nothing But A Common Crow

You want to live in the city or the suburbs. It’s nice, there are restaurants and entertainment. Plus you wouldn’t know the first thing about living a separated life in rural solitude. But you have an annoying neighbor and you just bought your new home! How can you get rid of your neighbors? Turn to mother nature’s frightening winged beast, the crow.

It’s Lunchtime, Baby! Get The F*ck Away From Your Desk And Go Eat Awesome Sh*t!

One of the most underrated things in life is lunch. It should be celebrated every day. We should have a national holiday called “Lunch Day” where we give thanks to the best part of our workday. In this article, lunch gets the praise it deserves. 

7 Incredibly Majestic Animals Who, Keep In Mind, Have Never Accomplished A Single Thing In Their Lives

Sure the world is full of beautiful creatures capable of amazing things but really what have they done for the world? Made it prettier? This article explores if some of our most majestic animals have actually proved their worth.

Not F*cking Worth It: The Insane Schedule And Diet This Blogger Says She Follows To Keep Her Mental Health In Check Sounds Way Worse Than Just Being Depressed

All those blogs describing dieting and exercise can’t be real right? If they are in fact completing all these tasks it can’t be worth it. In this article, Clickhole examines one such blogger’s post.