Chill games to play with your friends online

Sometimes you just want to kick back and engage in a relaxing, shared activity with friends. Here are some chill games to play with your friends online.

By Anabelle Vo


Do first-person shooter games stress you out? Does the thought of logging into a game online with thousands of other players while they’re attacking you not sound appealing? We get it. Sometimes you just want to kick back and engage in a relaxing, shared activity with your friends and family. 

You’re not a gamer, but don’t let that stop you from connecting with other people via online games. If you’re bored of video chatting, but also not keen on stressing out over the latest massive multiplayer du jour, we have some suggestions for you.

Minecraft: Peaceful or Creative Multiplayer Servers

A Minecraft server can have one of 4 difficulty settings: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you’re just looking to socialize, hang out, and participate in activities with your friends, you’d probably enjoy the Peaceful servers. In a Peaceful server, the typical dangers of giant spiders and zombies won’t pop up out of nowhere to attack you. You can also opt for Creative servers, where you will no longer have to worry about health or hunger. There are several websites where you can search for the top servers in each category.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You had to see this one coming, with the quarantine-fueled spike in popularity for the game. This quarantine phenomenon is the latest in a series that is known for its relaxing, low stakes gameplay. The series’ gameplay is about your ability to interact with other characters and players while building your own ideal little world. You can visit your friends’ islands and have them come over to yours, purchase each others’ crops and customize your adorable little outfits. How relaxing is that?

Stardew Valley

Ah yes, the little farming game that could. Developed independently by designer Eric Barone, the game is meant as a spiritual successor to the classic farm simulation Harvest Moon. Barone sought to improve upon Harvest Moon by focusing on the open-ended storyline and interactions with the environment, encouraging players to take their time in caring for their crops and cattle. You can play with up to 3 other friends in a co-op mode, where you can work together, live next door to your friends, and even share a wallet.

Overcooked 2

This sequel to the cute cooking game Overcooked offers online multiplayer. You and up to 3 friends must work together to prep, cook, and plate dishes for increasingly outrageous restaurant settings. Customize your chefs and hope no one sets the kitchen on fire. There is also plenty of free downloadable content for you, so you can keep on cooking. It’s like a real-life dinner party, but no one gets to eat.

Garry’s Mod

This cult sandbox game offers players incredible freedom, and the most basic game mode has no objectives nor physical limitations. The game itself is expanded by independent developers who create a plethora of other modes for you to enjoy, from zombie shooters to cinema. This is where you enter a virtual theater and watch online videos with your pals. You and your friends just need to own the original Garry’s Mod game, and the possibilities are endless for you and your friends to play or just watch videos together in a virtual space. Learn how to install cinema mode here.

Fortnite: Party Royale

This newly announced Fortnite space for hanging out and watching concerts is definitely tapping into the recent boom of in-game concerts. The launch even includes superstar DJs Francis Dillon, Steve Aoki, and Deadmau5. As virtual spaces prove to be more crucial in the near future, we’re excited to see what this space will become.


Of course, if you’re not happy with any of these choices, you can also turn any game into an online multiplayer game with the app Parsec. At its most basic, Parsec is a screen-sharing software that is geared towards gamers looking to play remotely or with other online players. Turn your local multiplayer game into an online multiplayer game. You can now play with your friends from anywhere.