Best podcasts and stories to help you fall asleep

Looking for some soothing bedtime stories? Look no further.

By Sierra Tavasolian


The stress of self-isolation has been messing with many a-sleep schedules, and we’re no different. So, as a way to get in touch with our inner child (who could sleep with no problem and didn’t appreciate that gift), we’ve turned to bedtime stories. Here are some of our favorite podcasts to lull us to sleep.


This thrice-weekly podcast is designed to help you fall asleep. As you get into bed, curl up into the fetal position, and try to clear your mind (yes, you did lock your door, no, you don’t need to get up and check. again.), “Snoozecast” will read you stories and instructional manuals designed to ease your worries and let you drift off into sleep.


Want to sleep, but also feel slightly more cultured? Join Otis Gray as he reads you to sleep with old books and stories. This podcast updates every week so between the rest of this list and “Sleepy’s” backlog, you’re set.

“Get Sleepy”

Looking for a little variety in your bedtime routine? “Get Sleepy” is a podcast that offers not only bedtime stories but also sleep meditations! Not only can you be lulled into sleep, but you can be guided through how to fall asleep on your own.

“Sleep With Me”

Don’t let this forward title deter you. This podcast by Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents will read to you while you snuggle into bed, hug your pillow (and maybe that stuffed animal you pretend is just decoration), and let your head go empty as sleep finally, finally comes.

“Sleep Whispers”

Did you know whispering to babies helps them fall asleep? We don’t know if that’s true, but this podcast that whispers stories directly to your brain is one of the most soothing experiences we’ve ever had. This weekly podcast has a decent backlog that can help you lay off the melatonin for a bit and drift off like a baby.

“Stories from the Borders of Sleep”

Want your bedtime stories with a more fantastical genre? Then let Seymour Jacklin read you curious tales and fables that will carry you into dreamland and maybe fill your night with mystical fights and far-off adventures.