Best moments from The Match 2

Peyton and Tiger took on Phil and Tom in a golf round for the history books.

By Patrick Babbitt


Unpredictable action, professional athletes, live coverage. That’s right, the things that we love about sports were all there this weekend when the Match 2 charity golf event was held in Florida. A sequel to 2018’s original event between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, this year they got some teammates. Teammates from team sports, Superbowl champions Peyton Manning and Tom Brady joined in on the fun and did not disappoint. Here are our favorite moments from The Match 2.

Unlimited Access

With cameras on every cart and microphones recording every word, this event gave us access as we’ve never experienced before on the golf course. In fact the production was so well organized that if you didn’t know about the pandemic you’d be hard-pressed to find evidence that social norms had changed.

Charles Barkley: Golf Commentator

American Treasure Charles Barkley is a golf fanatic, and an awful player himself. He was tapped to provide commentary on-site for the event. He talked trash, placed bets, and was self-effacing. He brought lightness and fun that the dreary weather was no match for.

Phil Mickelson’s mouth

Phil Mickelson was a great talker this time around. The first time the Match was held in 2018, he and Tiger clammed up and kept to themselves. This weekend Phil was giving tips and providing play by plays that had amateur golfers at home taking notes.

Tom Brady’s foibles

The Golden Boy was brought down to earth. Shanking shots and losing balls, Tom Brady had a rough day. The six-time Superbowl winner seemed like just another guy on the golf course this Sunday. He even split his pants while grabbing a ball forcing an impromptu outfit change.

Tom Brady’s shot

We spoke too soon. Just as we were ready to write him off Tom Brady hit the shot of the day.  While trailing Tiger and Peyton, this beauty thrust himself and Mickelson back into the game. Never count Tom Brady out.

$20,000,000 raised for charity

That’s a lot of zeros. This event wasn’t just put on for entertainment but to raise money for charity and guess what? They raised far more than anyone anticipated. These donations went towards Covid-19 relief. This incredible amount of donations capped a wonderful day. Putting a smile on the faces of everyone watching and anyone in need of some good news.