Our favorite moments from late-night TV this week

While social distancing has led to our favorite late-night shows moving to the virtual space – we’re taking a moment to look back at our favorite moments of late-night TV during the quarantine.


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With most Late Night shows on hiatus this Memorial Day week, we’re in need of some laughs. Last week was packed full of hilarious bits from our favorite late-night hosts. Check it out!

Ben Stiller on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”

Ben Stiller hit us with some great stories of his late father and comedy pioneer Jerry Stiller. Like you’ve never called your dad while on LSD…

A Closer Look – “Late Night with Seth Myers”

Seth Myers reviews Trump’s aversion to wearing masks, comparing it to being a good house guest. He also tackles Trump’s hatred of vote-by-mail.

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue

OK, so technically Kimmel is still rocking and rolling this week. This monologue really got us. He takes on Trump’s golf game and gives his feelings on Biden’s use of a facemask. He also takes to task those folks at the pool party in the Ozarks.

Conan Zoom bombs his staffer’s happy hour

When Conan O’Brien heard his young staffers have a weekly Zoom happy hour, he wanted in. So he dressed up like a young person and absolutely ruined their good time.

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” – Monologue

Not to pick favorites but Stephen Colbert is our favorite monologist in the late-night-at-home game. In this episode he talked about Trump and facemasks, and about positive/negative tests, and Trump.

Nick Kroll talks Princess Diana and Pete Davidson on “Late Night”

Nick Kroll of “Oh, Hello!” has started a podcast about Princess Diana’s death. He came on Seth’s show to share the similarities between Princess Diana and SNL’s Pete Davidson.

Niki Glaser gives Zoom tips on “Conan”

Nothing is worse than trying to enter and leave a Zoom call without looking like a putz. Niki Glaser joined Conan O’Brien to give tips on what to avoid during your virtual hangs.

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