Fictional podcasts you really must check out

There’s finally time to read, but if you’re looking to get your fiction-fill without spending money, narrative podcasts are the best way to go. If you’re looking to keep your mind occupied while you clean, fold laundry, or stare into the abyss, check out these podcasts!

By Sierra Tavasolian


“The Adventure Zone: Balance”

Looking to keep busy for 80+ hours of good, good dungeons and dragons content? Maybe check out Critical Role. If you’re looking for 69 (nice) episodes of three brothers and their dad learning how to play dungeons and dragons together, check out this McElroy podcast that took the internet (and our hearts) by storm!


Have you fallen down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole? This Two-Up Production is made to sound like an NPR series investigating the mysterious 911 call coming out of Limetown, a small company town that stopped existing as soon as everyone found out about it.


Looking for some escapism and the (in these times) much needed Happily Ever After in your stories? Check out Kaleidotrope, a fan-funded podcast about a (maybe) magical college where couples (kind of) get taken over by tropes and meet-cutes to meet their (possible) soul mates!


Think Buffy: The Vampire Slayer but make it SciFi and also dystopian. Bubble is a Maximum Fun Radio-drama style podcast featuring a bunch of your favorite podcast and comedy celebrities trying to navigate a dystopian Bubble City, told from the protagonist’s perspective of trying to make a buck by hunting whatever nasties find their way into the town.

“Alice Isn’t Dead”

If you’re interested in an old-fashioned horror podcast, Alice Isn’t Dead might be just what you didn’t know you needed! The podcast follows a woman searching for her wife, Alice, who she thought was dead, until she saw her in the background of a nightly news story. But as soon as she starts looking, something else starts following her.