All the ways to get your esports fix

Now that we’re all snugly ensconced in our respective domiciles, it’s more important than ever that we keep entertained. Fortunately, there’s plenty of esports to watch.

By Anabelle Vo


The current coronavirus pandemic has left many of us stuck at home with a lot of extra time on our hands. On top of that, many major sports leagues have suspended or canceled their seasons. But don’t fret, we live in the 21st century after all and have access to online streaming and the glory that is esports.

League of Legends is continuing to run its European Championship remotely. The IRL championship was set to run until March 28 in Germany and worked to transition its players and operations to function remotely. While suffering from a few technical difficulties on the first go, the league is continuing on virtually to keep players and fans connected.

Formula 1 races are also carrying on in a virtual capacity. The organization has set up virtual races to take place at the same time as races that were canceled due to COVID-19.

After the NBA announced the suspension of its season, some teams made the decision to carry out the rest of their scheduled games online by having NBA 2K players represent their teams. The first stream of the Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks pulled in thousands of views.

Nascar also held a virtual race, featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr., who came out of retirement to participate. The “Replacement 100s” drew in stars of racing as well as celebrities from other fields.

With all the amazing esports and gaming content available, it’s hard to know exactly where to go to get all the goods. Check out some of our favorite places to stream, view, and interact with the esports and gaming communities below. Looking for more entertainment fun to pass the time? We’ve got you covered right here.


Most people know Twitch as a video game streaming website, but the platform hosts a plethora of other types of content including concert livestreams. You can search for specific games to see all the streams and videos related to them. Examples include: NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, and NHL 20. You can also join live chat rooms for game streams, or stream your own games, in just a few steps.

Facebook Gaming

Another livestreaming alternative for gamers, Facebook Gaming allows you to follow games along with gamers. It leverages the massive Facebook user base to build and attract streaming stars. You’re most likely already on Facebook or are familiar with the Facebook user experience, so you might prefer this platform because it doesn’t require you to sign up for another account or familiarize yourself with another website.

YouTube Live Gaming

YouTube’s Gaming channel currently has 83.9 million subscribers. YouTube’s algorithm will recommend videos that you can watch live, sorted by popular games. With its massive creator content inventory, clean interface, and well-developed algorithm, YouTube Gaming is good for new fans of esports.


A Microsoft-owned alternative to Twitch, Mixer isn’t as big as Twitch, but it does boast fun features that promote more interactivity from its users. It has built-in integration for Xbox, naturally. It also allows some element of audience participation on certain games, as well as the ability to do a split-screen stream with your friends.

Dailymotion Games

While small compared to its competitors, Dailymotion Games offers a tried-and-true user experience, with actively curated videos featured on its gaming channel. Dailymotion offers a minimalistic aesthetics ideal for all. Alongside sports and esports content, there’s plenty of additional entertianment availabe to stream on the site.