9 kid-friendly series the whole family will want to binge

With screen time worries out the window, here’s what we’re watching.

By Patrick Babbitt


Okay, having your kids stuck at home for months on end can be hard. While it is impossible to send them away to some sort of quarantine camp it is possible to set them in front of the TV for a while. Here are 11 of our favorite shows that are meant for kids but parents can enjoy them as well.


“Shop Class”

Hop back into your favorite class in school! “Shop Class” teams up contestants from around the country with real-life shop teachers to make incredible projects. (Disney+)



Kristen Bell hosts this show that has alumnus of a given high school put on their old productions. Amazing stories and a great way to introduce your kids to your favorite musicals.  (Disney+)


“Pick of the Litter”

If you love dogs, this show is for you. Watch a litter of pups train to be service dogs. However, if you don’t currently own a dog it will make you want to steal your neighbors furry friends. (Disney+)


“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

“Clone Wars” is back for its final season. Whet your Star Wars appetite with some of the stories that build-up to the movies we love. Binge all seven seasons! (Disney+)


“The Magic School Bus Rides Again” 

If you grew up with the OG Magic School Bus you know all about Miss Frizzle. The reboot is just as fun, and so is her new hair. (Netflix)


“Brain Games”

This one isn’t just for kiddos. Learn about the cool intricacies of how your noggin works. Will it teach you telepathy? Not quite, but still good. (Disney+)


“Hello Ninja”

We love this show based on the N.D. Wilson book. Watch Wesley and Georgie solve problems and hope it rubs off on your kids. (Netflix)



“Brainchild” dissects different everyday questions with the help of experts and demonstrations. Very funny, very informative, “Brainchild” has it all. (Netflix)


“LEGO Masters”

Will Arnet hosts this amazing competition on FOX. Teams compete in competitions with our favorite building blocks. Just make sure not to leave any on the ground if you’re walking around the house barefoot. (FOX)