5 times the patio was out of control

Every night on the patio is a celebration.

By Will Pankey


If there is anything we have learned about the AXS Patio Sessions over the years, it is that the Patio can play host to a variety of different concert sets. We’ve had a fair share of heartfelt, slow-burning sessions. We’ve had straight-up rock band sessions. And we’ve had the singer-songwriter “focus on the lyrics” session. The best sessions, though, have always been the ones that got the party started. Here are five sessions that got a little wild out on the patio. 

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MAX whips the crowd into a frenzy in Houston

Until MAX, no one had ever done a cartwheel on the Patio and it will probably be a long time until we see another one. MAX’s performance in Houston had it all from anthemic sing-a-longs, to mashups, to, again, gymnastic leaps and showmanship. If there was ever a performance that lit up the patio, this is the one. We love scaled-back acoustic sets as much as the next person, but when an artist can bring the energy like MAX, it’s tough to say no.

Ally Brooke brings pop star charisma

The patio has welcomed several pop stars in the making and one of the most exciting was former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke. With a powerhouse voice, Brooke delivered a rare acoustic performance that captured her undeniable magnetism and charm.

SoMo turns the lights down low and delivers a simmering set

Is it getting hot in here? In an instantly memorable Patio Session, R&B lothario SoMo turned up to the patio with a guitarist and his dulcet vocals and serenaded the crowd in attendance with a set of classic R&B vibes.

The ranch-style, hay bale hoedown of Cody Johnson

No one in country personifies the ranch like phenom Cody Johnson. So when it came time for his Patio Session, we made sure he felt like home and equipped the patio with bales of hay. Granted, downtown Los Angeles isn’t the most country of locales. But for one night, DTLA partied country style.

Funk, rap, reggae, Lyrics Born does it all with a full band

Sometimes rap performances with a live band can get a little iffy but not so much the case with Lyrics Born. The veteran wordsmith came to the patio with a full band in tow and filled the patio with extended jams and medleys, showing off a tightly rehearsed band that were ready to get the party started at the drop of a hat.