10 Songs that should be on your workout playlist

Need a good playlist to motivate and energize your workouts? We asked music fans to help us curate just such a playlist — and they definitely came through.

By Krysanne Bryan


At AXS, we believe music is meant be shared, so when we needed to build a playlist, we decided to head to social media and ask the fans for help. We asked the important questions: What songs energize you? What songs do you listen to when you’re getting pumped up or working out? The fans did not disappoint. The list was huge! Country, Pop, Rock, K-Pop, Hip-Hop — we saw that power, energy, and fire had no genre. Some songs we knew immediately had to make the list.

Below, you’ll find a list of 10 of our favorites that should definitely be added to your workout playlist. For the full 50-song playlist, click here (Spotify).

“The Champion”

Carrie Underwood

This song is pure motivation. If you’re struggling to finish your workout, let Carrie kick you into high gear.


Kanye West

Speaking of motivation, Kanye really came through with this one. What doesn’t kill you will definitely make you stronger.

“7 Rings”

Ariana Grande

Perfect for an elliptical or any type of run, especially when you want to switch between going all out (the chorus) and slowing it down (the verses). This one may surprise you but the beat makes for a great exercise buddy.

“My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”

Fall Out Boy

Three words – Light. Em. Up. That’s it, that’s all you need. Blast this song and kill that workout.



This is the type of song you put on high and just rock out to. It’ll energize your entire body. There should be multiple K-Pop songs on your workout playlist but if we had to pick ONE, this would be it.

“Kill This Love”


Did we say one K-pop song? We lied. We can’t skip out on BLACKPINK!

“Sweet Melody”

Little Mix

Amazing beat, great lyrics. Little Mix is known for both and they definitely didn’t disappoint with this 2020 hit. It’ll be very hard to not dance along to this song but no one ever said exercise couldn’t be a dance party. 

“Rain On Me”

Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande

Do we need to explain? It’s a feel good song that’s dance and singalong friendly. Sure, people will be looking at you funny when you’re singing it at the top of your lungs, but that’s their problem.

“You Can’t Stop Me”

Andy Mineo

The message is in the title. This one will help you push through and make you want a little more. No one can stop you!


Macklemore feat. Skylar Grey

This is another one of those songs where the beat and the lyrics combine to form something spectacular. Perfect for the end of your workout when you’ve made it through and you just feel glorious.

We’ve added all of these songs and more to our HomeWalk 2020 Playlist on Spotify. This playlist was created to support the United Way of Greater Los Angeles and their Virtual Walk to end homelessness. Learn more about HomeWalk and register here. Be sure to follow the playlist for more workout hits.